CSS to infinity and beyond

CSS to infinity and beyond

This might be not really cutting-edge but I was stuck in a crib for a while.

Today I discovered Polymer and Google Material Design Lite (MDL) via this nice article on medium.

As my previous cutting-edge bar was SASS, Bootstrap and Flux + React  so this discovery made my day.

I can say I know Bootstrap enough to be able to work with it, I had just a bite of the others.

Anyway, in a lurking sprint, I was positively surprised by BEM and SMACSS: two approaches (with some in common) on how to write css and html in a non-messy way.

I have to admit I was always wondering how to organize my web code because no way: the css will always be messy.

So below a short list of other things to try, read or watch

scss_lint [scss-lint is a tool to help keep your SCSS files clean and readable. You can run it manually from the command line, or integrate it into your SCM hooks.]

About HTML semantics and front-end architecture

Building My Health Skills — Part 3 [This is about devs experience on the use of BEM]

An Introduction To Object Oriented CSS (OOCSS)

The single responsibility principle applied to CSS

The open/closed principle applied to CSS

Manage large-scale web projects with new CSS architecture ITCSS


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